Since the Stone Age humans have revered stones for their noble powers. These "Power Bracelets " or "Buddha 
Rosary" is known to be a healing jewelry, is the hottest New Age accessory! Most of these have an adjustable
 Asian-originated wrapped pulley system, so you can adjust it's length according to your preference.
Unlike crystal jewelry, power beads are pure, polished, and not cased in metal. Their energy is set free. You 
don't even have to wear them on your wrist, you can put them on your handbags as well. Famous celebrities 
world over like, including Neve Campbell, Blaine Trump, Madonna, Kurt Russell, and Kirsty Hume, swear by
these power beads and their ability to heal and enhance one's life.
Check out more of our beautiful power bracelet collection in  different styles. Your options are endless!!


AVENTURINE - Aventurine balances male/female energies, It enhances creativity,
reinforces decisiveness, and amplifies leadership qualities. It also is used to both
activate, clear and protect, It provides joy and clarity to the wearer. Pale to deep green.

AMETHYST - Amethyst is the "stone of spirituality and contentment". It opens
channels to universal flow, and facilitates connection with one's Higher Self. It is a
soothing, calming, tranquilizing stone that helps business affairs to prosper and helps
in meditation. and in the assimilation of new ideas. Pale to deep translucent purple.

BLACK ONYX is protective and grounding while reducing stress and negative thoughts.

BLUE ONYX Balances and grounds. Absorbs and flattens emotional intensity.
Stimulates the Throat Chakra.

CHINESE CHARM WOODEN POWER BEADS - Chinese charm wooden power beads have a
rabbit's foot effect. Any wearer of these beaded bracelets have good luck coming their
way. These bracelets may also be referred to as dream bracelets, because if you wear
this bracelet your wishes are supposed to come true.

GOLD STONE - Gold Stone helps you to maintain balance and keep a positive
attitude. The wearer can more easily handle everything life has to offer. While the daily
grind can "grind" down one's spirits, Gold Stone helps you to not only persevere, but to
excel. A positive attitude is so vital in today's society and this can help you out.

HONEY JADE - Honey jade is a beautiful and unusual stone. Its powers are numerous,
but is well known for its ability to vivify and help create longevity.

LAPIZ LAZULI - This distinct stone of friendship promotes the sense of community. It
supports us in implementing our spiritual findings and diverse ideas as well as helping
to expand awareness and intellectual capacity. Essentially, it helps the wearer to keep
an open mind and relax.

MAGNETIC HEMATITE - Magnetic Hematite assists you in dealing with the daily
rituals that are common causes of depression. These pure and magical beads are also
favored for their power to relieve the daily aches that impede you from performing at
your optimal level. It is a stone for the mind. It helps one to "sort-out" things and can be
used for mental attunement, memory enhancement, original thinking and technical
knowledge. It is calming and encourages one to "reach for the sun". It is said to attract
"kind" love. It brings peace, self-control and inner happiness. Opaque, shiny silver.

MOTHER OF PEARL- Mother-of-Pearl helps to stimulate intuition, sensitivity,
imagination, and adaptability. It helps with clarity in decision making. Shiny pearly

PRAYING - BUDDHA WOODEN POWER BEADS - These beads help to bring harmony and
create balance to your life. Praying-Buddha wooden power beads are aptly named,
because they actually have various pictures of Buddha on them.

ROCK CRYSTAL - Rock Crystal gives you the strength to face life's challenges. It acts
like a magnet, pulling in power from your outside surroundings to manifest it inside
yourself. Crystal clear

ROSE QUARTZ-Rose Quartz is "the stone of gentle love". It brings peace and calm to
relationships and works on all levels to remove negativity and reinstate forces of
self-love. It brings healing, emotional balance, and channels universal love, It also helps
heartbreak and childhood pain. Translucent pink.

SILVER LEAF JASPER - This stone is known for its healing powers. It can be used for
healing the body, mind and spirit. 

TIGERS EYE - Tigers eye brings clarity and enhances psychic ability. It can help
discipline sexual, emotional life and allows one's life to open and blossom. A stone to
stimulates wealth and helps to maintain it. It brings protection, practicality, softens
stubbornness and balances male/female energy. Golden opaque, shiny brown.

TURQUOISE - Turquoise is a master healing stone that promotes spontaneity in
romance and stimulates the initiation of romantic love. It balances and aligns all
chakras and subtle bodies and can bring all energies to a higher level. A highly spiritual
stone, yet grounding, it brings soothing energy and peace of mind. It brings strength,
wisdom, protection, and positive thinking.